King James Bible Exhibition in Sydney

I hear the King James Version is touring Sydney this month and next, the Village Church Annandale up to 31st July and another venue (TBA) between 4th – 28th August. “Twenty-five historical Bibles including a King James Version from 1611, are touring the nation. Sydney will be next to see this amazing Historical Collection, presentedContinue reading “King James Bible Exhibition in Sydney”

AAANZ Sydney Event – What Would Happen if We Really Tried Nonviolence?

What Would Happen if We Really Tried Nonviolence? Would it be a disaster? Would it be faithful? Would it open us some new possibilities? If it’s a question that intrigues you, or possibly even concerns you, you may want to come along to this event: AAANZ Sydney Event: “What Would Happen if We Really TriedContinue reading “AAANZ Sydney Event – What Would Happen if We Really Tried Nonviolence?”

Blackstump, McLaren and the Sines

Ok, so I am finally sitting down to write about Blackstump 2009, or at least my experience of it. For those of you who don’t live in Australia, Blackstump is the down under equivalent of Greenbelt, a four day festival of Christian music, art and teaching. I wasn’t there for four days though, just lastContinue reading “Blackstump, McLaren and the Sines”

What do you think life’s about?

With the Jesus All About Life campaign now underway in Sydney I thought I’d do a scan of what’s happening online. In the process I stumbled across a conversation between Dominic Steel, senior minister of Christians in the Media, and Shane Rogerson, an old church buddy. Dominic asks, “I have been struggling to think ofContinue reading “What do you think life’s about?”

Jesus All About Life … and bodily excretions

Just been watching the new kids resources for the upcoming Jesus All About Life campaign in Sydney. Completely irreverant, Aussie style, sorta like a Louie the Fly meets Billy Graham. Not my style but I'm not the demographic. I'll have to test it on my kids and see what they make of it. There's aContinue reading “Jesus All About Life … and bodily excretions”

Faith Beyond Church Forum

For those in Sydney, you may be interested to hear that Ryde based group The Harbour is holding a forum called “Faith Beyond Church” next month. The forum is for people “who have been emotionally or spiritually hurt or disillusioned by the institutional church” with the aim of providing opportunities for people to share experiences and findContinue reading “Faith Beyond Church Forum”

Michael Jensen on John Calvin

Jarrod Saul McKenna has drawn attention to an interesting article on John Calvin by Michael Jensen, son of the Archbishop of Sydney and sometimes visitor to this blog. If you have hung out at my blog for any length of time you would know I am not a huge fan of Calvin, that I identifyContinue reading “Michael Jensen on John Calvin”

What’s wrong with Aussie Baptists?!

Ross Clifford, former President of the Baptist Union in Australia and principle of Morling College, recently wrote on the state of the denomination in Together in Ministry and I though a few of you might find it an interesting read. For those who don’t know the back story, Ross, along with my friend Philip Johnson, were theContinue reading “What’s wrong with Aussie Baptists?!”