Jesus All About Life … and bodily excretions

Just been watching the new kids resources for the upcoming Jesus All About Life campaign in Sydney. Completely irreverant, Aussie style, sorta like a Louie the Fly meets Billy Graham. Not my style but I'm not the demographic. I'll have to test it on my kids and see what they make of it. There's a series of five. Here's the rest:

JAAL Flies 2 – the feeding of the multitudes
JAAL Flies 3 - the healing of the blind man
JAAL Flies 4 - the crucifixion of Jesus
JAAL Flies 5 – the resurrection of Jesus

If you are interested in what's on offer for older age groups, you may want to browse through the youth resources. There's a series of four videos, use the arrows to view all. 

5 thoughts on “Jesus All About Life … and bodily excretions

  1. Well, tested I these Jesus videos out on my kids this morning and it got my eldest talking about Jesus while my youngest stared in stunned silence. Grabbed their attention which I take is the intention.


  2. We had the Jesus All About Life campaign here a few years ago. The rationale was that typical Aussies felt positively towards God, Jesus, spirituality but negative towards church.
    So there were lots of outreach events under the banner JESUS! All About Life!…. (come to this thing at our church!)
    That was how I saw it as an outsider Christian (ie not involved with anything under the banner) and I don’t know how well any of it went. But no doubt the Sydney experience will build on what was learnt from Adelaide and Canberra.


  3. I think Dr Paul Harrison seriously over-estimates the aims of the Bible Society and the participating churches. I haven’t met anyone involved with it who thinks it’s going to instantly “convert non-believers” or that it is anything more than a “nudging tool”. Maybe the participating churches are more sophisticated than he realizes?


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