King James Bible Exhibition in Sydney

I hear the King James Version is touring Sydney this month and next, the Village Church Annandale up to 31st July and another venue (TBA) between 4th – 28th August.

“Twenty-five historical Bibles including a King James Version from 1611, are touring the nation. Sydney will be next to see this amazing Historical Collection, presented by Bible Society Australia.”

Personally I find it a bugger to read and far prefer the NIV but the historical significance of the book is undeniable (even, by his own admission, to Richard Dawkins)

3 thoughts on “King James Bible Exhibition in Sydney

  1. I’m the autor of one of the paint you put in your femminist art gallery, I want to pinpoint that i’m not christin! i only took the christian iconography for a femminist messange.
    You should ask first the autorization to the autor to publish is work.


  2. If you point out which one is yours I’d be happy to correct the attribution, add explainatory comments or delete, whichever is your preference. My purpose here is merely to bring attention to unusual art that is Jesus inspired in some way. I’m well aware that some of it is not Christian, and indeed in some cases represents a critique of Christianity. If it generates discussion though I find it interesting. Sorry if that has caused misunderstanding. If you’d be willing though I’d be quite happy to publish you’re thoughts on feminism and what you’re seeking to communicate.


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