Visualization in Meditation

In his masterwork, New Seeds of Contemplation, Thomas Merton (p154) writes: “It is faith and not imagination that gives us supernatural life, faith that justifies us, faith that leads to contemplation … Imagination only enters into it accidentally. If you need to use your imagination in order to remind yourself of the Christ in whomContinue reading “Visualization in Meditation”

Jesus calms the storms

Yesterday I was really struggling with stress and reading about ritual and thinking, I need something to help. So I sat and reflected and, after a while, the story of Jesus calming the wind and the waves came to me. So I did a visualisation exercise using that story as a foundation, weaving in a numberContinue reading “Jesus calms the storms”

A Theology of Dreams

I realise that in defining a theology of meditation and altered states of consciousness I need to also touch on dreams, archetypes and symbols. Oneiromancy is the study of dreams and their interpretation and it is found throughout the Bible. The books of Daniel and Acts are obvious starting points but the question I hopeContinue reading “A Theology of Dreams”