Apocalyptic moments in Mark

For some time I have been intrigued by the parallels between the baptism account, the transfiguration account and the crucifixion account in the gospel of Mark. Particularly the parallels regarding the veil between heaven and earth being torn open and the consequent revelation of Jesus as the son of God.

But this presentation at VirtualTheology.net has made me realise I missed something. The parallel mentions of Elijah (and John as the new Elijah) in each instance. And this Orthodox interpretation made me realise I missed something else. The descending movements in each event.

Many have drawn attention to the messianic secret theme running through the gospel of Mark. Consider, however, how these apocalyptic moments at the beginning, middle and end of the gospel of Mark serve as moments of messianic revelation.

With his last breath, his enemy experienced enlightenment.

2 thoughts on “Apocalyptic moments in Mark

  1. Dave
    Yes, I read the David Ulansey article on the Heavenly Veil some years ago (which I think is brilliant) but I’d forgotten the Elijah bit. I like your summary and the implication that what is also being symbolised here is the tearing of the wall of separation between Jew and Gentile in God’s presence. I think Mark is a much more mysterious and interesting gospel than is often appreciated.


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