Jesus and Buddha on Happiness

I stumbled across an interesting comparison of Jesus and Buddha at the Desiring God blog. In commenting on Mark 10:21, where Jesus says “go, sell all that you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven, and come, follow me”, Jon Bloom wrote: “Note that Jesus did instruct the manContinue reading “Jesus and Buddha on Happiness”

Micah Challenge on the Australian Budget

The Australian Budget has drawn a mixed response from Micah Challenge today. “Micah Challenge calls the Australian Government to show strong leadership and to position Australia as a Samaritan nation,” said John Beckett, National Coordinator for Micah Challenge. “Jesus clearly teaches us to love our neighbour. In Australia, some of our closest Global neighbours areContinue reading “Micah Challenge on the Australian Budget”

Social Justice on Australian Christian Radio

Jarrod McKenna writes: “How would America’s largest mainstream Christian radio stations respond to issues of social justice for the poorest of poor, climate change, and nonviolence? Hold that response in your mind as you listen to an Australian equivalent in this interview [about the upcoming Surrender Conference in Australia]. Click here to read the restContinue reading “Social Justice on Australian Christian Radio”

Who said Fair Trade was mean’t to be easy?

Last week one of the women in our local Christian community brought my attention to an article highlighting how a large number of the Make Poverty History wristbands were manufactured in sweatshops. This has lead to subsequent discussions in our discipleship group about how hard it is to unravel the systemic exploitation we are allContinue reading “Who said Fair Trade was mean’t to be easy?”

Joel Osteen coming to Hillsong Conference

It has come to my attention that Hillsong Church has invited Word of Faith teachers Joel Osteen and Jentezen Franklin as keynote speakers for Hillsong Conference 09. I find this very interesting as it suggests that, increased commitments to charity aside, Hillsong are still very much captive to the ‘name it and claim it’ prosperity gospel. HereContinue reading “Joel Osteen coming to Hillsong Conference”

You Need More Money? Like Jesus Huh?

With the megachurch Hillsong being so evasive about its history this month I thought it was only fair to remind the world of another little gem that seems to have been exorcised from the historical records, this spiritual tome by the lead pastor, Brian Heuston, entitled “You Need More Money”. Guys, I appreciate that theContinue reading “You Need More Money? Like Jesus Huh?”

The Offeratory in a Cashless Society

I was recently reading an article entitled, The Offerotory in a Cashless Society, which explored how cashless giving in worship services needs deep theological consideration. “Increasingly, in a cashless society where most regular commitments are paid by direct debit, many worshippers are choosing this method as their preferred way of making their offering. This isContinue reading “The Offeratory in a Cashless Society”