Micah Challenge on the Australian Budget

The Australian Budget has drawn a mixed response from Micah Challenge today. “Micah Challenge calls the Australian Government to show strong leadership and to position Australia as a Samaritan nation,” said John Beckett, National Coordinator for Micah Challenge. “Jesus clearly teaches us to love our neighbour. In Australia, some of our closest Global neighbours are also some of the world’s poorest people”.

Whilst welcoming the aid increase Micah Challenge have said, “Micah Challenge is concerned that, despite the extra funds committed, overall spending on health aid has not increased. Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5, which focus on improving the lives of mothers and children globally, are well behind schedule.”

Our own church will be raising awareness of Millennium Development Goals this month with a “Survive Past Five” birthday party that focusses on the fourth development goal of reducing child mortality. As a father of a five year old I find it difficult to imagine what it would be like to loose my child to an easily preventable disease. If you’re an Australian, join us in raising community awareness and pressuring your local candidates to take the Millennium Development Goals seriously as they gear up for an election later this year.

For the full media release see Aid Budget increase will help our global neighbours

One thought on “Micah Challenge on the Australian Budget

  1. Matt. Am fully supportive of this project idea. So I am asking you now how to put my money where my mouth is in terms of your more local initiative.
    I also would draw attention to recent TV adverts comparing the health, educational, age and wealth expectation disparities between white and aboriginal people in Australia.
    There’s plenty of work needed to be done within Australia to address social injustice and poverty as well as in terms of toward compassionately helping our neighbours. And TEAR Australia is also campaigning here about those issues too.


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