Is greed passé?

In an article entitled "Buyer's remorse: why anti-brand values are killing consumerism", trendspotting author Alan Fairnington is quoted for hailing the emergence of the "post-consumer", a shopper who is "more conscious of community rather than status, value instead of indulgence, and basic needs not bling."

Is this just spin for recessional blues or something more?

"According to Fairnington, the purposeful shopper will shun designer goods because of their cost and questionable class. Cheap goods will be shunned too if their price is kept low through sweatshop exploitation, Fairnington claims, painting the community-conscious shifts in spending as overdue and enlightened."

Call me cynical, but as much as I would like to believe this I am not seeing much of it. How about you?

2 thoughts on “Is greed passé?

  1. I hope this trend is slowly inching (centimetering?) forward. I’ve heard wisps in the wind about the need for change, but have not yet seen many examples. I don’t think we’ll see much change in our lifetimes, but maybe our grandchildren’s.


  2. I’ve not seen much of it.
    According to newspaper articles, the youth of today is obsessed with bling, but that may just be because the youth they are in contact with are the market for the products they advertise, and the lifestyle they hype in their feature pages.
    Most of the youth I know are not like that, but the ones I meet are the ones who go to church, so I wouldn’t really expect them to be. But I’d rather like to see some neohippies or neobeats who see the need to disaffiliate from such a society.


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