4 thoughts on “The Greed Creed

  1. nice one Matt.
    And what about our houses?
    god of real estate, god of my house, we appraise you, we appraise you, we appraise you. you are high and lifted up on the market and we adorn you with gifts, because you are worthy.


  2. Seems to be a white male dominated scenario by all indications… There’s a new novel authored by Robert Harris called The Fear Index. I heard a radio interview about it and it sounds like a “good read”… explores the “marriage” of science/maths/algorithms and finance, and the fear factor governing the world’s financial markets and how what we are not aware of in that spehere “dictates” effects on our everyday lives.
    Quote from a newspaper critique… “instant profits out of disaster and hysteria, the autonomous programme operates like the ultimate trader: daring, rapacious and utterly amoral…
    the novel has a sophistication that lifts beyond banker-bashing. Harris takes aim at a corrupted system from a moral and intellectual height that practically induces vertigo”


  3. Don’t get me started on algorithms.
    Oh, too late.
    Try searching for the most expensive books on Amazon. You’ll find garbage books, that are not remotely believable as collectors items, selling in the 100s or 1000s or even the 1,000,000s. Clear evidence of financial algorithm fails between competing companies. They get knocked down to earth as soon as they’re found by humans but price spikes keep happening in the background on a regular basis due to algorithms. The share market is increasingly this writ large. We don’t need to wait for artificial intelligence for the robots to take over, there already running the show in their artificial stupidity. We’re bowed down before them and every so often we reap what we’ve sowed.


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