The Vampire Codex

For those who find Vampire religion as fascinating as I do, you’ll be interested to learn that Michelle Belanger has donated The Vampire Codex to the Internet Sacred Text Archives. That means you can now read the Vampire Codex for free. Some of the light hearted topics you’ll find therein include: feeding, manifesting and energy manipulation. Eat your heart out.

I Am Legend

Being a Vampire flick fan from way back I was interested in Christianity Today’s recent review of I Am Legend. Staring  Will Smith, this latest remake of the 1954 horror novella by Richard Matheson is being released in Sydney on January 3rd, and according to Christianity Today, contains some “jarring” God references that raise questions on the relationship between science and spirituality. I expect I’ll be seeing it in due course in January.

For more, go to the full review of I Am Legend.

The Psychic Vampire Codex

the-psychic-vampire-codex One critical observation I neglected to mention in my previous posts on Vampire Religion: the commercialization of Vampire Religion has arrived!

A self-help book by Michelle A. Belanger entiled “Psychic Vampire Codex: A Manual of Magick and Energy Work” has now hit the shelves of Borders in Sydney. I spotted it the other week when I picked up my copy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s “The Cost of Discipleship.” With Vampire magic no longer relegated to the bowels of incense clouded esoteric bookstores, you’ll now be able to pick some helpful tips on energy draining with your next Dan Brown novel.

Another book worth checking out via Amazon is The Ethical Psychic Vampire. Why I say this is that both books seem to be concerned with legitimising Vampire spirituality for pop cultural consumption. Taking a peek at the Psychic Vampire Codex, I noted a heavily reliance on Taoist-style yin-yang cosmology. To summarise the arguement: Some people have energy deficiencies whilst other people have energy overloads. Both extremes can potentially be harmful. So the psychic draining of high energy people by low energy Vampires restores balance to the cosmos and harmony to society.  Thus, Psychic Vampirism is ethical if practiced with energy balance in mind. Interesting, huh? I’m not sure if the same arguement would work for sanguinarian vampires but anyhoo …

… since I’m off to the gothic / dark alternative festival at Enmore tonight, and Vampires are expected to attend, I suspect I could stand out like a soft-skinned baby in a swarm of mozzies. So I’ll have to draw on the infinite energy of the Spirit. Which begs the question, why seek energy from fellow humans rather than the infinite Spirit of the creator? I mean, it worked for Jesus when he reached a far lower energy state! I’ll have to ask them that if I meet one.

Christ of the Vampires

Pale Rider tells me he has relaunched The Bloody Gospel, his website which features the “Christ of the Vampires” articles I mentioned previously. This is a great postscript to my previous articles on Vampire Religion at New Spirituality – Vampires and Otherkin and More on Vampires.

While on the subject of Vampires, I noted the Good Weekend section of the Sydney Morning Herald  featured an article yesterday entitled “Interview with the Vampires”. It extensively covered the Goth scene in Enmore and noted the Under a Blue Moon festival is on once more next Saturday.

Fore related websites see:

Under a Blue Moon

Sydney Gothic

PS. Im considering going in for the festival so if anyone is in Sydney and looking to connect up let me know.

More on Vampires

I thought I’d add to my recent post on the Vampire subculture by adding a link to “The Bloody Gospel”, an interesting contextualisation experiment originally housed at Pale Rider’s website.

Unfortunately, it turns out it is now offline. Fortunately, however a few of the articles, including the “Christ of the Vampires” study were rescued from archieves by Nitallica, a Vampire, and are now hosted at The Coven.

This in itself would seem to be a testament to the power of cultural contextualisation.

As another digression, why not also check out Christian Goth, a website for Christian goths obviously.

New Spirituality – Vampires and Otherkin

These an interesting synopsis of Vampyre religion on Wikipedia, so I thought I’d make a brief reference to it on this site. I must confess Ive never physically conversed with a Vampyre though I’m aware there’s a meetup group that regularly gathers in a pub in Sydney.

Now, if you think that’s a step down the rabbit hole, check out Otherkin. I first come across this subculture by random gooling. I have this game where I juxtapose way-out divergent concepts and googe them to see if anyone else has taken the idea before and run with it. Nine times out of ten someone, somewhere, has. Anyway, on this occasion I thought “wonder if anyone has experiemented with werewolf spirituality yet.” Sure enough I came across the Therianthropy subculture which in turn led me onto the Otherkin. It’s facinating to read the blogs and websites of some of the devotees. So many different ways of life.

This may give you some perspective of why I find Christians getting the heeby-geebies over Witches just a wee bit amusing. Witches are downright regular. Seriously, there’s more spiritual alternatives cropping up out here in cyber culture than you can possibly dream of.