Christ of the Vampires

Pale Rider tells me he has relaunched The Bloody Gospel, his website which features the “Christ of the Vampires” articles I mentioned previously. This is a great postscript to my previous articles on Vampire Religion at New Spirituality – Vampires and Otherkin and More on Vampires.

While on the subject of Vampires, I noted the Good Weekend section of the Sydney Morning Herald  featured an article yesterday entitled “Interview with the Vampires”. It extensively covered the Goth scene in Enmore and noted the Under a Blue Moon festival is on once more next Saturday.

Fore related websites see:

Under a Blue Moon

Sydney Gothic

PS. Im considering going in for the festival so if anyone is in Sydney and looking to connect up let me know.

One thought on “Christ of the Vampires

  1. Matt, thanks for posting these bits on vampires, Otherkin, and Therianthropy. The horror, sci fi, and fantasy genres have long been a passion of mine, and these come together in some ways through these fascinating subcultures. They indicate that the line between popular culture and spirituality is fluid, and it is time for evangelicals to move beyond merely downplaying its significance or fighting every aspect of it, to engage in real missional engagement.


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