These an interesting synopsis of Vampyre religion on Wikipedia, so I thought I’d make a brief reference to it on this site. I must confess Ive never physically conversed with a Vampyre though I’m aware there’s a meetup group that regularly gathers in a pub in Sydney.

Now, if you think that’s a step down the rabbit hole, check out Otherkin. I first come across this subculture by random gooling. I have this game where I juxtapose way-out divergent concepts and googe them to see if anyone else has taken the idea before and run with it. Nine times out of ten someone, somewhere, has. Anyway, on this occasion I thought “wonder if anyone has experiemented with werewolf spirituality yet.” Sure enough I came across the Therianthropy subculture which in turn led me onto the Otherkin. It’s facinating to read the blogs and websites of some of the devotees. So many different ways of life.

This may give you some perspective of why I find Christians getting the heeby-geebies over Witches just a wee bit amusing. Witches are downright regular. Seriously, there’s more spiritual alternatives cropping up out here in cyber culture than you can possibly dream of.

One thought on “New Spirituality – Vampires and Otherkin

  1. Its also worth noting that Dr Brendan French has presented a “continuing education course” at the University of Sydney on vampires etc. The course was “The Undead” and it was convened in 2004 (and run in previous years too).
    The course attracted the curious, the fans of Gothic and has also drawn in some who participate in the Vampyre sub-culture in Sydney.


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