One thought on “Vampire Jesus

  1. Jesus doesn’t suck the life out of people, but often churches do.
    All counter-cultures occur as a form of protest against the existing status quo.
    I think bizarreness of expression tends to become more evident in protest movements when those protesting feel that their previous attempts at protests have fallen of deaf ears and more `radical’ action is required to get their point across.
    In the Vietnam War protests of the 60’s and 70’s, street drama actors splashed around blood during blood curdling dramas depicting massacres of innocent victims of US and Australian military action. The aim was to get ordinary people to empathise with victims of war who like them consisted of babies, elderly, mums and dads, children, so actors of those ages were typically used. Perhaps the most bizzare street protests were in placers like Saigon, where Buddhist monks protested war by dousing themselves in petrol and burning themselves to death in a form of vicarious self-sacrifice on behalf of their local community against the war.
    Understanding the symbollism of Jesus Vampire Art is soemthing I intend to look into more. What are the artists saying in their critique of Christianity? Are we listening intelligently and compassionately to them as a Church? How can we respond to what they are saying through their art as a thinking, compassionate and thinking missional community? What issues of social justice are they raising through their art?


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