It’s not often I feel this emotional…

I was SO blown away this morning. A single mum who we’ve been helping on and off for 2 years now, along with her 5 kids, who’s been quasi-homeless at times, who we’ve walked with and prayed with through all sort of dramas, well, she rocked up to the service this morning just to tell my wife and I that public housing has come through. She now has a home!

And though it could have been anywhere in Sydney or beyond, as it turns out, its just about 2 minutes drive from us, on the SAME street where she is now. So she doesn’t have to disrupt her family any further. I was … ecstatic. Hell, I’m man enought to admit it, I’ve been teary. Still am now.

And now she’s also looking for some scriptural instruction.

We’ve had our garage full of most of her worldy possessions for about 18 months now, we’ve seen her face all sorts of traumatic situations. Why, when she saw us this morning, it was with another 15 year old girl in tow, whom she has taken in because she’s got no where else to go. But her prayers, our prayers, have been answered abundantly. This is just so awesome.

So, now my wife and I are talking about how we can free up my time, to enable me to disciple the family in the small one bedroom flat where they are currently staying, which belongs to her boyfriend. They’re unchurched. Not dechurched. I mean unchurched, multigenerationally so. Would be eight people all up, of varying ages, and who knows who else may join in. Prayers for this would be appreciated.

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