Christmas Buddha

santa-buddha-by-matt-stoneI just thought I’d share this photo from a Christmas party with the extended family last weekend. They were a bit short on mangers and reindeers obviously. I’m not sure who co-opted the Enlightened One for decorative purposes but in any case the Buddha seemed oblivious to the festivities. I think he needs a caption.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Buddha

  1. This is a blasphemy and and insult to God. A Christian person would never have this kind of thing in his/her home. We must remember that real meaning of Christmas is to remember the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ and nothing else. God bless


  2. This is true, I would never allow it in my home, but then, it wasn’t my home. Like many Australians, many within my family don’t share my messianic convictions.
    Having some familiarity with Buddhism I doubt this appropriation of Buddha would have been celebrated by too many Buddhists either. It illustrates the laid back, mix n match, Jesus and whatever approach that many Australians have to spirituality. How to communicate Christ and what he was really on about at Christmas. This is the challenge.


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