Cowpat1 I was reading Mark Berry's blog and oh, I was simply compelled to relay this quote of LOU CARLOZO, Music Editor for the Chicago Tribune:

It's an outrage to me that so much "Christian" art is in fact artistically inferior crap. Why? First and foremost, I don't think my Savior, the love of my life, would want His holy name spackled onto something so ham-fisted as most "Christian" music. Talk about violating the commandment of taking the Lord's name in vain! Jesus as the marketing equivalent of Adidas. A brand name.     UNTIL CHRISTIAN MUSIC STRESSES ART OVER AGENDA, IT CAN NEVER BE ANYTHING BUT SECOND RATE. As a music editor at the Chicago Tribune, I have a responsibility to turn my readers on to the best art out there. And as a Christian, I have an obligation to tell the truth at all costs, as I see it. If it's bad, awkward, mawkish art that Nashville keeps shipping to me like so many day-glo W.W.J.D. bracelets, what choice do I have? I would rather be the voice of one crying out in the wilderness than win the approval of any cabal that is convinced–for all the wrong reasons–that the majority of "Christian" music serves a noble purpose.

One thought on “Artistically Inferior Crap

  1. Much of this comes down to the problem of mediocrity in aesthetic quality and talent, allied to a serious deficiency on the part of pop composers who are theologically naive. J S Bach was theologically astute as well as being musically gifted, and he gave to the Baroque tradition in music the high quality touch of Lutheran theological depth to both his compositions (ditto with Rembrandt in painting).
    And the brothers Wesley were also magnificent in their musical gifts and their capapcity to put theology into music and lyric.
    We are not exactly at a high point in culture these days and as the younger and once very angry Franky Schaeffer called it “Addicted to Mediocrity”.
    Theological depth is certainly lacking in the lyrics and melodies of much of today’s lacklustre muszack that is supposed to pass muster as profound and deep “worship CDs”.


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