2 thoughts on “Sydney Anabaptist Gathering

  1. And a good time was had by all! Conspicuously absent from this snapshot are the hundreds of pigeons and a few stray ibis birds that opportunistically turned up when the picnic food came out…
    My husband, Andrew, had printed out the following book review on Friday night, thinking that the subject might be of valuable conversation
    He was very chuffed to discoverver that the author of the reviewed book “The Jesus-driven Life: reconnecting humanity with Jesus”, Michael Hardin, and his wife, Lorri, were special guests at the little gathering in Parramatta Park!
    We look forward to ‘walking the faith journey’ a little further and connecting a bit more often with the AAANZ people


  2. Also not pictured were those bomadier pigeons from above which got me not only once, but twice in two minutes forcing me into a tactical withdrawal from where I had placed my seat.


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