Do you have to be a “purist” to practice Christianity?

Personally I practice a very eclectic approach to Christianity. This is how I often answer NeoPagans who ask me about it:

I see plenty of justification for a flexible approach to Christianity in the New Testament. Indeed, the apostle Paul went so far as to insist on multiple occasions that getting hung up on STYLE undermined the SUBSTANCE of the gospel. As long as Christ is kept central, I can’t see any reason why Christians should not be very free with more peripheral aspects of Christian practice and teaching. Personally I have no issue of Christians greeting with “Blessed Be” as Jesus “blessed” others all the time, most notably when he gave the Sermon on the Mount. I have used mead in communion and worshipped in the round, in the open air, on multiple occasions. Of course, keeping Christ central requires us to reframe practices at times, before they are fully suitable for Christian use. But on the whole I would say cultural eclecticism is a very Christian thing. That’s one of the reasons why Christianity is so multi-cultural today.

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