Community life in Pendle Hill

Very busy weekend coming up again.

Tomorrow night at 8pm, on the eve of All Saint’s Day, I am co-leading an open prayer service of thanksgiving for lost loved ones down at Pendle Hill Baptist Church. We’ll be running it as a sort of reverse Tenebrae service, moving from darkness to candle lit brightness, as we celebrate the hope we have through the resurrection of Christ. My mate Keiron and I dreamed this up over a few wines some weeks ago. We wanted to create a space for people to feel free to express grief and thanksgiving. Since then his father died, and other members of our community have experienced loss, so now this will be particularly poignant.

Then on Sunday, my friend Jenny will be up from Melbourne. Jenny used to co-lead a missional cell group with me a few years back and always brings smiles and laughter so it will be good to catch up and hear of her missional goings on in Melbourne. I hear she’s going to be singing on Sunday too.

Then after that I’ll be helping my brother out with some minor building work … and hopefully fit in a swim if its hot.

I’ll also be catching up with my Indian-Australian neighbours tomorrow or Saturday to chew the cud and help them finalize their passport arrangements for an upcoming trip to India. I was over at their house earlier tonight, to get the ball rolling, and you know it struck me again how improtant it is for new Australians to have regular Australian mates. To get their passports approved they basically need someone who is not a relative and has known them for over 12 months, who is willing to go guarantor for them, who can vouch that they are who they say they are.

Just some thoughs:

  • Have you experienced loss lately?
  • Do you find yourself far from home, missing loved ones?
  • Do you find comfort in God?

One thought on “Community life in Pendle Hill

  1. Postscript: The thanksgiving service for the dead that I co-led on All Hallows Eve went very well. Very emotional in parts. We’ll be looking at opening this to others next year.


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