Blog name change?

I am thinking of changing the name of this blog. But before I make a decision like that I would appreciate some feedback from you. Yes you. Even if you who don’t normally comment. Why? Because it is helpful to know what the names say to you. Thinking wise. Feeling wise. To see if I am communicating what I would like to be communicating. Because it is not always easy to gauge that from hit counts alone.

So, here goes. What I am looking for is something that:

  • Reflects what people can expect to find on this blog
  • Obviously christian
  • Invites curiosity, stands out (and possibly conflicts with Christian stereotypes)
  • Is search engine friendly (noting that “Christian Art” is a keyword for me)
  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to work into sentences
  • Does not box me in writing wise

It seems to me that the existing name, “Glocal Christianity”, meets some of this criteria. But to me it sounds too clunky and academic. Do you agree? Or do you think I should keep it? Has it grown on any of you?

Here are some alternatives I have thought of:

  • Curious Christian
  • Living Christianity
  • Dissident Disciple
  • Matt Stone (part of me wonders if I should dispense with a descriptive name altogether)

Which do you prefer? My preference at this point is for “Curious Christian”. It seems to meet most of the criteria, except its probably too generic for search engines to pick up on. Mind you, renaming my art pages as “Curious Christian Art” could work. Anyway, what I want to know is, does it work for you? Does it make you cringe? Are you indifferent? Is it ok, good or great? Can you think of a name I haven’t thought of?

Other names I thought of but aren’t as keen on are: Mosaic Christian, Anarchobaptist. Other keywords I thought of incorporating were Jesus and Icon and Angel, but I couldn’t think of how I could make that work. Agree?

But beyond all that. If someone asked you describe this site, what would you say? That’s what I really want to know.

12 thoughts on “Blog name change?

  1. I like Glocal Christianity… to me that name is curious enough to begin with since ‘Glocal’ needs some explanation especially when put before ‘Christianity’. I think it also gets at the reality that you’ve had different influences in your Christianity, (anabaptism, missional etc etc).
    But that’s just me.


  2. I love “Glocal Christianity”, especially “Glocal”, I think it is clever and fits well. You could use “Glocal” with another word or two for something catchy. “Glocal Godliness”… “Glocal Mission”… I don’t know, I’m not very creative. I do like “Dissident Disciple” best of all your ideas. “Anarchobaptist” is intriguing. You really touch on pretty much everything though, so something not too specific but very clever or intriguing would work best I think.


  3. I love the current name… Glocal is such a cool word, I hope it will spread in people’s consciousness! Besides that, from what I’ve read on your blog, Dissident Disciple seems the closest.


  4. I think the name is clunky, I’ve got to say. I like the ‘glocal’ thing though. Wondering if there is a way to use it and de-clunkify the title.
    “Glocally yours”? “Moved into the glocality”? “Gloco Christ” (move over Raschke)? “GPS -Glocal Positioning Student” -or something ….


  5. I think you are associated with your name more than your blog name. To get to your blog you go to ‘mat stone’ and only on arriving here do you work out that its ‘glocal christianity’.
    You have become a brand, which is a comment on the quality of your blog, so live with it:)


  6. Stick to Glocal Christianity It is all embracing and a goodie… You could just delete stone and put Matt Dissident but realise you will probably get the Feds havin a look at you ahahaha What about Matt Terrorist muah!


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