Never mention Jesus, whatever you do

The other day I was re-reading Randall Neighbour’s snarky but all too accurate article on “anti-evangelism” strategies for Christians.

The tip that resonated with me most was, “When interacting with friends, neighbors and co-workers, talk about your family, your job, the weather, your favorite sports team, the new restaurant you found or your increasing drive time to the office. Never mention that Jesus is your best friend and what He’s doing in and through you today, or that you have friends who are closer than a brother. Unbelievers would be jealous if they knew about this exclusive arrangement.”

Unfortunately it is my experience that many Christians talk about everything but Christ most of the time. Indeed many talk about church more than Christ. I don’t know if the reason is anxiety or apathy but the result is our conversations are largely secular. And we wonder why people consider Christians unspiritual?

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