Does a geographic focus hinder churches in reaching demographic based cultures?

I recently attended a Forge workshop where Allan Hirsch spoke on cultural distance as a barrier to the sharing the good news of Jesus with the world and the inconvenient truth that 80% of the energy of most churches went into reaching the 20% of their culture that was culturally closest. And then we wonderContinue reading “Does a geographic focus hinder churches in reaching demographic based cultures?”

The Digital Domestication of Subcultures

I stumbled upon an article about the Colonization of Subcultures this evening and thought I’d share some of the more memorable and thought provoking quotes: “[The weakness of subcultures] is that they seek to externalize their structure into digital institutions. Loose and transient P2P network institutions perhaps, but still institutions, due to their reliance onContinue reading “The Digital Domestication of Subcultures”

Thoughts on culture

In the past cultural diversity was a consequence of information scarcity. We could not assimilate what we had so little access to. We had no choice, cultural differentiation was inevitable. In the future cultural diversity will be a consequence of information glut. We can’t assimilate everything we have access to. We each make choices, culturalContinue reading “Thoughts on culture”

How neo-tribes differ from traditional tribes

“The traditional tribe is bound by geography and kin-ship. It also has a historical tradition. However the neo-tribe is not bound by geography, and only exists for the duration of it’s rituals. It does not rely on historical tradition, as it comes into being as the occasion arises.” – Elia Morling at Tribaling

How neo-tribes differ from subcultures

“There are crucial differences between neo-tribes and subcultures. In a subculture identity is unified and fixed. It is seen as static, as members permanently carry one mask. However nowadays people belong to many tribes, and move effortlessly between them. They switch masks, as they assume temporary roles and identities.” – Elia Morling at Tribaling