Violence is NOT inevitable

Anger-rage“The crucified Christ embodies the love of God in our violent world, conquering the hatred that inspires violence and the spirit of revenge that prompts counter-violence. In the teaching, ministry and crucifixion of Christ, God exposes the lie of the inevitability of the circle of violence and counter-violence. God refuses to oppose evil with evil. The cross is God’s free and costly gift of love whose goal is the transformation of the world. Whenever the message of the cross of Christ is rightly preached and heard, whenever people of faith gather at the Lord’s table to celebrate life in Jesus Christ and its promise of a new creation, whenever forgiveness is offered in the name of Christ and received in the power of the Spirit, the deadly circle of violence and counter-violence is broken, and the rule of violence begins to vield to a new world of compassion and solidarity.”

Daniel L. Migliore – Faith Seeking Understanding: An Introduction to Christian Theology, p191

3 thoughts on “Violence is NOT inevitable

  1. Had not heard of Rene Girard before so thanks for the reference. Just reading up on him now. Sounds like an interesting character. I am not sure Id conclude a direct relationship between the two authors though as Ive read much peace church literature that reads similar.


  2. Rene Girard’s concept of scapegoats is taken from the OT concept of the scapegoat. I think you may find a closer link that you expect.
    His concepts are now part of theological dialogue as to why the Cross may have been needed. [For example the work of Heim]
    His work Des choses cachées depuis la fondation du monde [‘Things Hidden since the foundation of the world] is perhaps one of his more accesable and readable works.
    French does not translate well into literal English.


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