Priests and Prostitues Brawl in full swing in Parramatta

Nun-prostitute In an article entitled, When sleaze and God collide, the Parramatta Advertiser this week reported, “Brothels and places of worship developments are now on Parramatta Council’s hit-list after Monday night’s amazing council meeting … To some councillors, both houses of ill-repute and future houses of God fall into the same category they need to be tightly controlled.”

Okay, possibly a bit of a beat up. The writer later went on to say, “The Advertiser believes intertwining these two issues was a way to sway anti-brothel campaigner Cr McDermott and Cr Issa who, two weeks ago, had said he ‘could not being able to sleep’ if he rejected churches from R2 zones.”

Personally I think the interesting subtext here is the hint of Hillsong hysteria, as “Cr Lloyd said residents feared places of public worship would buy up blocks of land in suburban areas to build large establishments.” You may recall the Dancing banned in church … By the Government incident I reported back in April. Could the rise of the megachurches be backfiring, legislation wise, on microchurches? Could the loudness of contemporary worship spell the end of residential worship?

2 thoughts on “Priests and Prostitues Brawl in full swing in Parramatta

  1. Wow, I think I’m as ignorant of the Australian constitution as Christine O’Donnell is of the American one. The government actually fined a church for singing and dancing?!?
    As an aside, if my catechism teacher sister Regina, looked anything like the pic you posted, I might have enjoyed going but doubtful that I’d have been able to focus on the lesson. >;)


  2. Oh, there’s some interesting religio-politicing going on within Parramatta Council that’s for sure. Did you catch my article on the Christmas banners a few months back. Rolling back overzealous political correctness / reverse discrimination in some areas, ramping it up in others. Seems to depend on who has the numbers on the day.


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