How do you pray?

prayerI was recently asked, how do you pray, personally? In answer I said, prayer is a fluid thing for me. I do not set aside specific times for prayer, but pray most days, sometimes multiple times a day, sometimes for more than an hour at a time.

I find outdoors is very conducive, whether walking along the road, or standing or sitting on the back porch or in the bush somewhere, but inside is okay too. Prayer for me can involve intercession, or confession, or worship, or just meditative listening, or conversation, or, as is often the case, a combination. Sometimes it can involve visions, sometimes feelings. It is sometimes formal, but more often informal.

The who is very important for me. Core to my understanding of prayer is the Christlike character of God, and that involves an understanding of God and power and guidance that is at times paradoxical.

So, now I’d through the same question out to you, how do you pray?

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