Healing Images

This afternoon I sat and spent some time doing some intercessory visualizations.

In the last two days my wife and I have been advised that two family members need to go into palliative care. My aunty's received test results showing her body is riddled with cancer and my wife's grandfather, who has dementia, has stopped eating and is less than two weeks away from death. And this comes only a few weeks after my wife's father had some cancer removed. I am sensing that my first few days after I get retrenched next Tuesday could be spent in funeral mourning rather than job hunting. Yet in a way, I can see the movement of the Spirit here in me being available for my wife and her family at this time.

So, I sat down and dreamed of a sea of glass, calm and healing, with warm light eminating from the throne of God and our loved ones held before it. And in the midst of this I asked God for healing of heart, mind, body and spirit, for each of the three. I sensed that the time has come for my aunty, and more immediately, my wife's grandfather, but I prayed that the Spirit of God would be with them in their last hours and ease their suffering and help them cope. I trust God is not indifferent to their pain and anguish knowing God incarnate, Jesus, died in torment rather than cut himself off from us. God is not an unmoved mover as aristotle once said. The God of the New Testament is a most moved mover.

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