Religious Kitcsh: Barbie Does Dharma

Secret-spells-barbie Secret Spells Barbie – “An ordinary schoolgirl by day, Secret Spells Barbie transforms at night. Open the included book to discover the mysterious compartment holding her secrets. Includes fun, potion-making accessories, including two mixes for making magic potions you can really drink.”

Razanne – The “modest” Muslim alternative to Barbie – “At first glance, this new girl on the block doesn’t give Barbie much of a run for her money. After all, Barbie is everything Razanne is not — curvaceous, flashy and loaded with sex appeal. But that’s exactly why many Muslim Americans prefer Razanne, with her long-sleeved dresses, head scarf and, by her creator Ammar Saadeh’s own admission, a not-so-buxom bustline.”

Indian Barbie – Bengali Lady Going for Her Prayers – “Recreated Barbie depicting a traditional Bengali married Hindu woman, going to the temple to offer prayers. She has been depicted as carrying a basket of flowers and a garland, as offerings to the deity.”

Religious art for a plastic age?

In the 5th century B.C.
an Indian philosopher
Gautama teaches “All is emptiness”
and “There is no self.”
In the 20th century A.D.
Barbie agrees, but wonders how a man
with such a belly could pose,
smiling, and without a shirt.

Denise Duhamel – Buddhist Barbie

4 thoughts on “Religious Kitcsh: Barbie Does Dharma

  1. Actually I could take this a lot further but am restraining myself. Another Barbie I found amusing was Goth Barbie but its off the devotional Barbie topic. Besides that, some of the other alternative Barbies you can link to from there will no doubt offend many. So be forwarned. Another interesting thread is divinity depicting dolls but again I am focussing on devotees rather than deities.


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