1200-year-old prayer book discovered in bog

Prayer_book This one should interest the celtophiles.

“An ancient prayer book found in an Irish bog is being hailed as one of Ireland’s most significant archeological discoveries.

The National Museum of Ireland said fragments of what appeared to be an ancient Psalter or Book of Psalms, written about AD800, were uncovered by a bulldozer in a bog in the south Midlands.

“In discovery terms, this Irish equivalent to the Dead Sea Scrolls is being hailed by the museum’s experts as the greatest find ever from a European bog,” the museum said in a statement.”

For more read here.

5 thoughts on “1200-year-old prayer book discovered in bog

  1. Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day; give him a religion, and he’ll starve to death while praying for a fish.


  2. Matt
    The Sydney Morning herald carries a curious news supplement on how the story about this discovery has suddenly morphed into all kinds of odd-ball conjectures over the Internet, with prophecies of doom about Israel (or Israel’s enemies) because of rumours that the photo shows a Psalm that is an “omen”.
    For the link go here


  3. #48 Carnival of Healing- A Peace Prayer

    With more chaos and fighting breaking out in the Middle East and beyond, my heart goes out to the innocents who are having their lives ended or ripped apart by the blasts. So many homeless, so many hurt. Putting aside the politics involved, let’s loo…


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