Iconography in the Tarot

Golden-Tarot-of-the-Tsar Consider these images for the moment…what do you think they represent? The card in the top left hand corner…is it an icon representing Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead?

Yes…and it's also a tarot card.

The Magician card to be precise.

What?? Yes I'm serious. This is the Golden Tarot of the Tsar, a tarot card deck inspired by Russian Orthodox iconography.

6 thoughts on “Iconography in the Tarot

  1. What a wonderful Deck- I’ve just come in from talking and training folk to use Tarot in Fairs and Exhibitions to find I may “need” to add another deck to my collection …


  2. Beautiful. Thank you. I have many “pagan tattoos”…especially for a devout Lutheran. One of them is a tarot card, the aeon from Crowley’s deck. Why? Because I love the image of God being both emminant and transcendant, male, female and neither. Images for God are everywhere, sometimes even in “Christian” art!


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