Phil Wyman: Excommunicated For Loving People

I would like to commend to you all this interview of Phil Wyman by my friend John Smulo.

Phil Wyman Interview:

Excommunicated For Loving People – Part I
Excommunicated For Loving People – Part II

Phil is a man who loves Pagans as I do. And the truth of this is evident in that I first came across him through a mutual pagan friend who just couldn’t say enough good things about this guy. Without compromising on communicating the challenge that Jesus offers to us all, Phil has endeered himself to the Pagan community through his warmth and hospitality. The suffering that he has experienced as a consequence of living as Jesus did is instructive to us all.

Unsurprisingly this interview has stirred up all sorts of spiritual warfare issues for some readers. John has taken this subject up further in Where Christians Fear To Tread. I have previously written on the problematic attitudes and teachings of some spiritual warfare devotees in Paranoia For The People, Spiritual Warfare and Weakness Encounters and Strategic Level Spiritual Syncretism.

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