Shamanic Christianity

I dropped into Adyar on Monday on my way to a Christmas dinner in Cockle Bay and I came across an interesting book from Bradford Keeney called Shamanic Christianity: The Direct Experience of Mystical Communion.I expect this will be one Sun Warrior to check out for sure since it very much delves into the aliveness of creation. I’ll state my usual caveat that I don’t hold to all the opinions expressed in this book, and to be honest I don’t want to say too much till I finish it in its entirety, but it seems to present some interesting threads to follow.

For some time I have been intrigued by shamanic spirituality and in the same way that St Columba referred to Christ as his druid I have wondered for some time a whether a shaman of shamans motif could be explored in depth along the same lines.  One of the forgotten teachings of New Testament spirituality is the place of dreams and visionary journeys on the spiritual path.  I am hoping this will stimulate dreamy revelations.

PS. This was my first big walk without crutches – yay 🙂 Still getting daily anti-coagulant drug injections though – not so yay 😦

3 thoughts on “Shamanic Christianity

  1. Sun Warrior
    Plenty of veins left, the injections were subcutantous. Just plenty of bruises. Latest news. I’ve come off the daily injections! Excellent Christmas present. Just weekly blood tests oral tablets now. Yay.
    Really? You must really give us some more of the gos on NOS. It’s hard to get an accurate picture of everything that went on there from here Down Under. Mostly just veiled references to cultish behaviour without many specifics. I would be interested in hearing more on this. Did they appropriate the ‘shaman’ identities out of the rave culture or elsewhere? Was it mostly superficial appropriation or did they fall into serious syncretism? It would be helpful to look deeper into precisely where they fell off the rails.


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