Beyond the Burning Times

Beyondtheburningtimes_3 I am pleased to advise that Amazon is now taking pre-orders for "Beyond the Burning Times" a Pagan-Christian dialogue book my friend and colleague Philip Johnson is co-writing with Pagan author Gus diZerega [click photo to enlarge].

As the title suggests, the aim is to help Christians and Pagans move beyond the mutual antagonism that has historically plagued Christian-Pagan relations with one another and advance the cause of mutual listening and understanding.

As a pioneer in the missional apologetics approach that has been emerging out of Christian interactions with new religious movements and irreligious spiritualities in recent years, I have always found Phil to have plenty of sagely advice for Christians interested in conversing with non-Christians and coming to grips with the challenges of pluralism and post-modernity. And given the respect Philip enjoys in the Pagan community as well, I am sure that Witches, Pagans and Goddess Worshipers of all traditions will find this a refreshing change.

So, here's the link to the "Beyond the Burning Times" and a few of the other books Phil has co-authored with John Drane and Ross Clifford.

One thought on “Beyond the Burning Times

  1. When I first got into online interreligious dialogue about 15 years ago, I was quite surprised at the level of mutual hostility I discovered between Christians and Neopagans.
    I wrote about both my surprise and possible reasons for it on a web page I began about 10 years ago, and havent finsihed. Now I would have blogged about it, and perhaps I should post it as a blog entry.
    I won’t repeat it all here, but if you’re interested you can see it at Christianity, paganism and literature


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