Wise words here from John Stott:

If you find it hard to believe in God, I strongly advise you to begin your search not with philosophical questions about the existence and being of God, but with Jesus of Nazareth. … If you read again the story of Jesus, and read it as an honest and humble seeker, Jesus Christ is able to reveal himself to you, and thus make God. … real to you.

Theology is faith seeking understanding, not understanding seeking faith, don’t you think? That’s my experience of it at least.

3 thoughts on “Story before Philosophy

  1. Hullo-o-o Matt…
    I’m with John Stott on Jesus Christ being the beginning and the end of the journey. I’m not sure about faith seeking understanding though… these days there are some things that I’m fairly certain I’ll never understand.
    The wandering Celt


  2. Stott is right. But, when I look back on my journey, there was quite a bit of “philosophy” before faith. Whilst it might not have been the thing that brought me to faith, it’s hard to factor it out.


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