Goth Church

I will not be making it to the Under the Blue Moon Festival this year, but I was interested to hear that it kicked off with a goth church serviceThe Sydney Morning Herald reports:

“HYMNS were sidelined for the music of Nick Cave and a choral cover of the heavy metal band Metallica, and candles lit the church of St Luke’s Anglican, casting the Enmore church in long shadow.”

“Australia’s first goth Mass was held last night, a key part of the nascent Under The Blue Moon Festival, an alternative event for Sydney’s goth subculture which has a penchant for all things black and unconventional.”

Very sorry I missed this. A question I have though, and this follows on from my questions the other day, is how do you contextualize for goths beyond easy reach of Enmore, the dark heart of Sydney? How do you contextualize for goths beyond easy reach of Sydney? A tribal approach has a place here, but what about elsewhere?

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