Hindu Hate Blog?

In tracking the anti-Christian violence that has erupted in India over the last few weeks, I am wondering if I have stumbled across a Hindu anti-Christian hate blog.

There are some very disturbing comments here, with some commentors justifying violents action against Christian evangelists and missionaries by rioters, others dismissing the non-violent ways of Ghandi, others voicing offense at being labelled Hindu fundamentalists, stuff like that. Very one eyed, very emotive, very militant … very ironic in some ways. I made one attempt at constructive dialogue but it was quickly rebuffed. I think it well and truly shatters romantic Western perception of Hundus as intrinsically pacifist. The initial post seemed mild enough, but boy, read the rest. Extremism comes in many guises.

This is one of the challenges I think we need to be aware is emerging in our increasingly pluralistic and glocal culture. People who respond angrilly and aggressively to missional Christianity.

15 thoughts on “Hindu Hate Blog?

  1. The phrase Hindu anti-Christian Hate, with its double negativity, is difficult for me to understand. I can understand the idea that some Hindus being anti-Christian hate Christians. But Hindu anti-Christian Hate basically says that some Hindus hate anti-Christians and therefore are favorable to Christians. But I guess you would like me to assume, before reading the Hindu anti-Christian Hate blog, that some Hindus are anti-Christian and hate Christians. Right?


  2. Wow, Matt…and their misunderstanding of US Faith-Based Initiatives and missionaries is absolutely stunning.
    Misinformation, simplism and spin are alive and well everywhere, not just in pre-election US MSM. How depressing that the search for truth and understanding has lost its appeal in so many places.


  3. Dhanamjaya, sorry that phrase came out sounding a bit awkward but I think KAKA grasps what I was alluding to … and seems to represent a fine example.
    I shoud add, it saddens me that this has emerged. I have a high degree of respect for peaceloving Hindus like Ghandi.


  4. From a brief glance at the site, notwithstanding the comments of KAKA, to answer the question at the head of the post – ‘no’.
    No, I don’t see it as an anti-Christian hate blog. Because Christians who continue to evangelise in a modern, colonialist fashion, despite plenty of evidence about the violence that this does to local cultures, must surely by now accept they are behaving in an un-Christian way.
    That’s a tough word, but it’s the truth.
    Thank God we’ve a God of Grace.


  5. Hi Matt
    I am the owner of the blog you have referenced in this post. I must vehemently protest the micharacterization of my blog as a “hate” blog. It is patently unfair of you to take unmoderated comments as the basis for your criticism of my blog. Any public news site like NYTimes or CNN could have unmoderated comments of every hue and color and that doesnt mean they are “hate” outlets.
    I would request you to please correct the title of your post and the contents to draw a clear distinction between the contents of the blog and your opinion of unmoderated comments posted on it.


  6. Yossarin,
    I will consider it. Would you be willing to make a statement on your blog condemning the incitements to violence against Christians that are currently being voiced on your blog?
    The comments on Glocal Christianity are, similarly, largely unmoderated and unscreened, as you’ve found, yet I would never let things descend to the depths I have seen at http://offstumped.nationalinterest.in without publically challenging commentors for promoting such hate. You have said nothing since it erupted; not a word; you’ve tolerated what I consider intolerable. I invite you to demonstrate the truth of your words, that you reject hate, by challenging those spreading it.


  7. Matt,
    The label you have attached to Offstumped is unfair, and I believe you have done so based on a small sample of the posts.
    I hope you will revise your opinion on further reader. The Indian National Interest is a liberal nationalist platform and does not condone hate mongering against anyone.


  8. Hinduism is anything but pacifist, it has killed millions of low caste dalits or untouchables over its 5000 year history, slaughtered 5000 sikhs during 1984, 1 million muslims died during the partition of India in 1947, It forced women to go naked in southern states due to their low caste status, death was given to any of the low caste hindus that dared to touch a brahmin, it murdered St thomas the apostle in ad 74, it has commited genocide against kashmiris , it has killed atleast 300,000 + Christians of north eastern mongloian tribals in north east India (google nagaland genocide). It murdered and drove buddhists away from India and destroyed Buddhism which actually was pacifist.
    There is nothing “pacifist” about this in”tolerant” religion. It is thanks to the British that gave India the laws and juidial systems to make it a secular country, not the Hindus.
    Gandhi’s own hate against Christians is well known, he hated Christians and he spoke out against evangelization.
    Sometimes, Pacifism hides behind it a knife ready to stab at the right moment. Hinduism has killed more human beings than Islam or any other religion combined on earth has. It’s time these facts are known.


  9. I am surprised that I cant find my comments, and ur responses and then later on again my comments and some comments from one christian Indian girl.
    why have u deleted them?


  10. Henna, I think you may have posted those comments to the old blog URL while I was in the process of consolidating the data from my various blogs to this new blog URL. A few comments were lost in the process. I assure you it was not intentional. I value your contribution to the blog content.
    What I am unfortunately going to have to do though is remove your 4.18pm comment from the new contact page. You’ve made me realise I left comments switched on there when my intention was to keep that page clear and simple for first time visitors. But your comments here seem to have made that comment redundant so I trust that shouldn’t cause too much further annoyance and ask your forebearance on this issue also. Your comments here certainly wont be touched. I believe the platform is now stable and am not anticipating any problems with future comments.


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