Menachem Wecker asks, Has Christian Art Become Too Sentimental? What are your thoughts? When I set up this blog I consciously set out to avoid art soaked in saccharin. I have found there is plenty of alternative art available. But its not popular. I agree with Menachem that sometimes the biggest hurdle is the audience, not the art. I see a need to invite the audience on a journey, towards a wider perspective.

3 thoughts on “Has Christian Art Become Too Sentimental?

  1. How could it be otherwise?
    The vast majority of the untold thousands of Christian blogs are full of naive self-serving sentimentality.
    Most of the thousands of Christian books published are also exercises in sentimentlity too.


  2. A further comment.
    The reason for this sentimentality is because Christianity doesnt really take death into account.
    And the opposite extreme to mere sentimentality is the psychotic craziness dramatised by the Seven Mountains types in your more recent post.
    People who are genuinely in love with the Divine and hence all human beings, one at a time up close and and personal in their two armed ordinariness, have no time for grand conversion and (angry) “salvation” schemes. They are to busy HAPPILY and compassionately serving others, and de-lighting in existence-being altogether.


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