How does Christian meditation differ from eastern meditation?

How does Christian meditation differ from eastern meditation? One answer that seems to be pretty popular amongst Christians these days is that Christian meditation is about “filling the mind” whereas eastern meditation is about “emptying the mind”.

But this answer has always struck me as overly simplistic, to the point of being downright misleading. I suppose it kinda makes sense if transcendental meditation is the only form of eastern meditation you know about. But there are forms of eastern meditation that involve complex visualisations, and even the most text-centred forms of Christian meditation involve emptying the mind of distracting thoughts, so there are too many exceptions for this to be a good guideline for every situation.

Drawing on my own experience, with both eastern and Christian meditation, I would suggest the more significant distinction is the different ends which they are directed towards. More significant than the different methods is the different motivations, more significant than asking “how” is Christian meditation is different is asking “why” Christian meditation is different.

Quite simply, biblical meditation is NOT aimed at enlightenment.

3 thoughts on “How does Christian meditation differ from eastern meditation?

  1. I would say Adi Da is fundamentally misguided on his interpretation of western meditation. Has he ever actually practiced it? It would seem not to me.


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