The following paintings, by artist Grazyna Tarkowsk, are from an extraterrestrial inspired rendering of the Stations of the Cross.

In my opinion they are a great example of how not to do Christian art. Totally decontextualised, totally dehumanised, they draw attention away from the actual life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. The amazing part is, the works have reportedly been endorsed by the French Diocese of Belfort Montbeliard.

To view the full series (and believe me, some are even stranger) click through to Tarkowska’s gallery.

An alien crucifixion scene

The Illuminati cometh?

2 thoughts on “Close encounters with Jesus?

  1. And was not Jesus the glowing red finger of E.T., reaching out to humanity, saying “Phone Home”? And isn’t true humanity still alien to us? There’s something at least to be said for the message.
    And it could’ve been worse — he could’ve picked Daleks!! Then again it could have been better too, though, say if he’d called it the “*Space Stations* of the Cross”.


  2. o man you gotta laugh Thats me therapeutic larf for the night Wot a picture!! I clicked the link to view an even more hideous image ahaha These images remind me of myself without coffee and nicotine in the morning to wake up. That sorta glazed eyed madness. It is so freaking hideous maybe thats why they like it A sorta avant garde bullshit number on themselves ahaha I mean if people r paying big bucks for monstrousities like this they derserve what they get.


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