Burglar-lurking To call this week interesting doesn’t quite cut it. Monday we attended a family funeral. Wednesday night our home was invaded. While we slept the fly screen was slashed with a knife, the window was forced open and our phones, laptop, wallets and keys were stolen … along with the car they belonged too. I’m pleased to report that boys, wife and hubby are okay, but it’s certainly been a disruptive week.

And I now have an answer for those folk who, in challenging my pacifist convictions, asked what I would do if my home were invaded. Well, I can now say from experience, I didn’t have to kill them and they didn’t have to kill us, so there are alternatives to the zero sum game.

Frankly I’m quite glad we slept through it. I won’t go into details publically but it was quite clear that they were professionals and I’m relieved they just got away undisturbed, and moreover, without us being disturbed. Valuables aren’t that valuable in the big scheme of things. People are more important. And this is where my convictions come out: I’m glad they weren’t hurt either. Money is not worth a life, even the life of a criminal. Money is dust in the wind.

That their actions speak of a life disconnected from the source of life, well, that’s something that has transcendant consequences. I pray they reconsider their lifestyle before they reap the consequences of what they’re sowing. Maybe you’ll join me in praying for their life transformation.

5 thoughts on “Home Invaders: I didn’t have to kill them

  1. I will pray for their life transformation.
    I agree stuff is not that important. My model in this regard is Victor Hugo’s Bisphop Myriel in Les Miserables.
    Haven’t been put to the test recently but I have had my car stolen some years ago and can recall the quite unpleasant sensation.


  2. Wow Matt,
    My heart goes out to you and your family. Thank God the violation was against only property and not persons. Yet violation is violation, and a wrong done none the less. I will not only join you in praying for the perpetrators of this evil, but will also pray for you and your family as you work through your response.
    Pax Christi


  3. Les Miserables is one of my favourites Robyn. Thanks for reminding me of that scene. Thanks to the rest of you for your kind words. Dan, yes, it was an injustice. Grace differs from mere tolerance in that it involves just such a recognition. I’m not tolerant of what happened, I’m just leaving it to God as to what happens next.


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