Feeling very exhausted after a very full weekend. The TEAR “Thrive” conference at Stanwell Tops was awesome.  Great talks, great conversation and great music as well. Justin Whelan from Pace e Bene ran a thought provoking workshop on nonviolent direct action that I think I’ll be mulling over for a while yet.  I also had the great fortune to bump into Mark and Mary Hurst from the Anabaptist Association of Australia and New Zealand (of which I’m a member) and crew the cud with them over dinner (watch this space for news of a future AAANZ dinner, possibly in September).

Talks by Ron Sider and C B Samuel were encouraging, as expected. Missed all Dave Andrew’s talks (most unfortunate) but caught up with him for a discussion group and alt worship session. Caught up with many friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen for 10 years or more, AND picked up some cool Aboriginal Christian art that I’ll no doubt be sharing more about when I have a chance to catch my breath. Oh, the subversive art workshop gave me some ideas too!

Rushed back Sunday morning for a extraordinary church meeting on the home front. Summary, after some robust but respectful conversation all issues were resolved and we now have a unanimously affirmed pastoral selection team who’ve been tasked with selecting the new senior pastor. The transition team is now wrapped up so now I get my wife back.

After that we visited my father-in-law in ICU. He’s been very sick the last week. Pneumonia amongst other things. But it’s good his condition seems to be improving even though we expect him to be in hospital for some days yet.

After that it was home to play hide and seek with the boys who’d been missing their dad. The eldest has finally figured out he can hide better if he suppresses his giggles so he actually proved hard to find this time!

I think that’s enough for one weekend.

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