Christian Democrat Allan Green evasive on the Millenium Development Goals?

If you care about balanced Christian representation feel free to share this on. I had an interesting Facebook conversation this week with Allan Green, the CDP candidate for Greenway, where I asked him whether the Christian Democratic Party would support groups like Micah Challenge in pushing the major parties to meet their Millennium Development Goal commitments, specifically the commitment to raise aid to 0.7% GNI by 2015.

Rather than answering yes to that question, even though I’d asked for a clear yes or no answer, Allan Green evaded and instead touted his support for an aid agency called GK Philippines.

So I take that as a no, that Christian Democratic Party are not willing to support Christians groups like Micah Challenge.

In this respect Allan Green’s response was much like that of labour, who have also declined to give a clear timetable for implementation of the 0.7% commitment, except in this respect: his claim to represent Christians, without qualification.

So, just so it’s clear whom I represent and whom I don’t, I’ll let SEO and SMO speak for itself. I’ve taken the conversation off the Facebook group site where it was originally hosted and placed it here, on my personal site. And I’ll let you speak for yourselves, if you are a Christian who cares about this, join me in calling for Greenway candidate Allan Green and Christian Democratic Party to make a clear commitment to Micah Challenge and the Millennium Development Goals.

11 thoughts on “Christian Democrat Allan Green evasive on the Millenium Development Goals?

  1. I have not been evasive. Actually I said that neither major party was doing enough. GK is a highly respected proven poverty housing program which is spreading across Asia. My involvement in GK proves that I am much more than just talk when it comes to World poverty. In fact the goal should be higher than the Micah challenge. I think its sad when people make slanted comments against sincere Christian candidates.
    I think Matt you should show more respect politness in your communication if you are a sincere Christian.


  2. Allen, I find you evasive because you’re consistently avoiding the question. I’m wanting to know if the Christian Democratic Party are willing to commit to the specific goal of 0.7% GNI by 2015.
    If you’re serious that the goal “should be much higher than Micah Challenge” then you can disarm me at once by naming a concrete policy commitment on aid. What are we talking? 0.8%? A 2014 timetable? That would be indeed be a substantial commitment and I’d only be too pleased to acknowledge it and publicize it. But so far you have not said what you’re prepared to fight for on aid. The only party who’ve made a commitment to meet the Millenium Development Goal commitments so far are the Greens, the party the Christian Democrats seem to be placing last on their how to vote sheets they’re mailing around. How is it that you’re allowing yourselves to be upstaged by the Greens on this?
    Personally I find this very dissappointing. Because I disagree with the Greens on many other issues. I’d like to be able to say the Christian Democrats have taken a bold stance on aid. I have no issue with GK, it sounds great, but what I’d like to see is the personal experience matched by some policy commitments on foreign aid. Something that clearly differentiated the Christian Democrats from Liberal and Labour and put you above the Greens, demonstrating a political commitment to the global poor and more than just a personal one.
    If you think its impolite for me to scrutinize political candidates that’s unfortunate, but I do not think the Christian Democrats should be exempt from scrutiny just because they are Christian. If you claim your policies are the more Christian this needs to be tested. I regret if testing that offends.


  3. PS. Since policy scorecards are all the rage this week here’s an alternative one that specifically focuses on the Millenium Development Goals that Micah Challenge is championing on behalf of concerned Christians.
    It was mailed to me by another Christian
    Note: I am not endorsing any of the parties here in toto, as this scorecard only covers a fraction of their respective policies, but I am interested in what commitments the Christian Democrats would make.


  4. Dear Matt,
    You have twisted what I said in mean spirited way.
    You have ignored the real work I have done to address World Poverty. I have used my own time and resources to support GK which is a best practice poor housing and self actualistaion project which is highly respected thoughout Asia.
    I never said I would not support the Micah Challenge.
    I can see a lot of merit in the Micah challenge and would like to see it achieved by the next Government.
    I wonder if you have been to Asia and seen the problem first hand like I have. I hope one day you will mature enough to communicate with proper manners and Christian consideration for your fellow man.
    I can see you have high enthusiam but you lack maturity.
    I wish you well and I will pray for your future development.


  5. Allen, again you avoid the question and now you’re resorting to slander. I simply want a straight answer on the Christian Democrats foreign aid policy, on what level you think aid should be set at. Why is that too much to ask? I’m seeing a distinct lack of transparency here. Why is it too much to ask a Greenway candidate what his party’s policy is on this? Why the slander rather than a straight answer?


  6. NEW! From Wikileaks!
    The CDP Entrance Exam for Candidates.
    A constituent, on a blog read by other constituents, asks you a question about foreign aid policy, specifically the Millennium Development Goals. Select possible good answers from the following list:
    a. “We haven’t discussed the Millennium Development Goals as a party, and there’s probably no time before the election this Saturday. I share your concerns about poverty, however, and will raise your question at our next policy meeting.”
    b. “We disagree with the MDG in the following respects: ____________, _____________, and _____________. Hence, we would not make it part of our platform. Our foreign aid policy is that _______________. Our reasons are given in the policy paper available online at ____________________.”
    c. “We agree with the MDG, but have not said so explicitly in our policy materials. I shall have this corrected so it is clear to voters where we stand on this question.”
    — OR —
    d. “I interpret your question as an attack upon me personally and cast aspersions upon your character, even though the regular readers of your blog probably know better than me what your real character is like and this may alienate any possible supporters I had.”
    (5 marks)


  7. For reference, I have asked the same question of Michelle Rowlands, the Labour candidate for Greenway. She conceeded that Labour does not have a clear timetable for 0.7% GNI, stated her reasons why and what her party was prepared to commit to.


  8. Wow, thanks for posting this Matt and allowing a forum for some open discussion.
    Unfortunately this seems to be the attitude taken by far-right wing Christians – and they just don’t seem to be able to see how immature they look to those looking in, despite the fact that they freely throw around similar accusations to those who are simply asking questions.
    I had a similar confrontation on my blog here: (the strange behaviour starts at about the 13th comment down).
    I’ll certainly be writing more along these lines – I’ll link to your post as another example. (By the way, and I suspect you’re the same, I write about this sort of thing publicly simply out of a desire to expose something which is going fairly unchecked in the wider Christian community, and is both misleading non-politically aware Christians, and providing a warped view to the public of what Christ represents).


  9. Tim, interesting conversation. Yes, similarly I simply seek to draw attention to some imbalances and inequities. A discussion of Christian values that dismisses questions about how much we assign to foreign aid (as immature nitpicking) is not balanced.


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