2 thoughts on “Legislating God in the Land of the Free

  1. What are you talking about, God told us to be salt and light in the world, His mandate is that we are to influence the culture for Christ, that we are to keep them from becoming over run by the devil. Because those who are in the world have no relationship with God, if we don’t speak up for truth then people will be enslaved by the devil just like they are now. Why do you think we are here why doesn’t the lord just take us out of here, destroy the world, recreate it and be done with it?
    Because He is giving people time to be saved by grace, in the mean time satan is trying to get people to act a fool so they will kill themselves individually. What I mean is that before when the world joined together as one to rebel against God in Noah’s day, and at the tower of Babel those were times that God brought judgement on that whole world, same as with Sodom, because the whole city was wicked, but now because of the gospel many individually have relationship with God. So it is our job as Christians who have already become children of God to help those who are still under satan’s power to see the lord Jesus Christ as Lord, so they can saved, but also so we must enlighten them to sin, because they by nature do that which is displeasing to God, and without The Holy Spirit in their life have to knowledge of what they do? They have a conscious, but this conscious can be damaged, so they need us to be a light we are the light not because of us, but because of The Holy Spirit that is in us. We are willing vessels though whom God’s light shines, but for those who are in the world they are vessels of darkness, and children of wrath.
    Please say this blessing, Jesus is lord, and I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and arose from the dead, fill me with The Holy Spirit in Jesus name amen.


  2. Gowardh
    I commend you in your desire to proclaim Christ as Lord and challenge sin in the world … but are you so sure legislation the best way to do it? It strikes me that making laws to promote grace is like making love to promote virginity.
    If we seek to influence our culture and encourage it to be more Christlike then surely our focus should be on the ways of the age to come, not the ways of this present age? Is not Christ greater than Moses?
    Conviction by the Holy Spirit is not something you can force on people in any case. Indeed, if history is any guide
    attempts at forced conversion of states invariably corrupt the church. Is this something we would like?
    It is because I affirm the blessing you conclude with that I suggest we should focus on witnessing with our lives and our words, not on manipulation of worldly courts.


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