I had a quiet chuckle the other day when I read Southpark creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are about to hit Broadway with a Mormon musical featuring … [drum roll] … General Butt Naked.

Some of you may recall I wrote about General Butt Naked back in 2006. He was a BRUTAL, cannibalistic African Warlord who turned evangelical preacher after a Road to Damascus style telephone call. One of the weirdest stories I’ve ever encountered on the web, and that’s saying something. Trust my Southpark namesake to pick up on it. I wonder if Matt and Trey plan on exploring the whole story. Given past experience I also wonder what sort of weird and whacky fan mail I’m likely to get over the next month.

One thought on “General Butt Naked Returns!

  1. After recovering from initial “stunment”, I will say that I am glad that I am not desensitized to the naked brutality at the core of this story. I sigh and shake my head in the sad acknowledgement that human beings have the capacity to be perpetrators of horrendous homicidal acts.
    In my travels and connections with people from a wide range of ethnic cultures (including indigenous to Australia and abroad), I have heard first-hand accounts of atrocities connected with the specific kind of dark-side spiritual practitioners native to some “majority world” (another term for “developing” or “third world”) countries. In a quest for explanation and in an attempt to understand some of the propensities and dynamics of such situations, I came across a book I considered to be helpful – “The Twighlight Labrynth”. The first few chapters were a bit “all over the place”, but from Chapter 4 onwards some of the info is really quite fascinating and seems credible. I’ve always been an Ancient History buff so I could relate to some of the references quite well and was very interested in the author’s opinions and conclusions.
    Whatever one thinks of people like George Otis Jnr and C. Peter Wagner and their views about things spiritual, they do make some points well worth considering and studying further.
    That being said, one of the “special powers” bestowed upon humanity is “sense of humour”. Southpark creators (one of whom Matt has the perhaps dubious honour of “Namendoppelgangering”) certainly work material that appeals to a particular sector of the population. Their talent at presenting us with a uniquely recognisable combination of animation and “baldly” (some may prefer “badly”) scripted social comment is now about to hit Broadway. The mind boggles. As an appreciator of creative performance arts, I’m really not sure what to expect with the character/caricature of General Butt Naked as the lead man?!
    Keep us posted on any misdirected fan mail, Matt. Could generate some worthwhile discussions 🙂


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