Searching for some Noah inspired art I came across these images of the Fall on

Apparently they’re connected to Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky. Here’s the commentary:

“A script Aronofsky was developing a couple years back, Noah is a story that the director describes as an eco-apocalypse – one that uses Biblical themes and ideas as a stepping off point. The movie version never got made but Aronofsky hasn’t put the project aside. Instead he has teamed up with illustrator Nico Enrichon to create a graphic novel version. And the first taste of the graphic novel has just arrived via the promo reel embedded below.”

I find graphic novels are a powerful way of communicating biblical stories, particularly among youth. Something to keep an eye out for I think

3 thoughts on “Noah: The Eco Apocalypse

  1. Manga art has a following. The Bible Society is currently advertising its Manga Bible (New Living Translation). One of the young leaders in the group of indigenous chidren/youth I have recent ministry experience amongst was “into Manga”. He enjoyed the art sessions we facilitated from time to time, and I gave him a book on the basics of Manga art as a parting gift, so yes, Matt, I also think that graphic novels, or comic-book style “liter-art-ure” certainly has potential to be an educational resource and a way to engage people with scriptural narrative.


  2. Matthew, I would suggest that graphic novels are all just an extension of the collective psychosis that now patterns the entire world. The dark under-ground of human unconsciousness.
    Which is to say that they are all just extensions of the infantile, childish and adolescent emotional immaturity of those who create and read them. And by extension a description of the state of the “culture” created in the image of the dreadfully sane TV created every-person that now rules or patterns the world.
    Which is what it will inevitably be in 5 minutes, days, weeks, years or decades.
    Unless something radically different occurs – BEFORE the disaster manifests in its full force.
    It seems that everybody is collectively quite literally praying for the “apocalypse” to occur.
    We inevitably become, or create, what we put or attention on. Our current individual and collective psycho-physical state IS the result of our prayers.
    For instance Adbusters magazine contains some excellent philosophical criticisms of the current system, but its overall very dark tone suggests that it is actually hoping for, or thus praying that a world-wide breakdown in human culture (such as it is) will occur. And that some more life-positive culture will spontaneously emerge from the ruins.
    Which is of course bollocks.


  3. Not EVERYbody is praying for the “apocolypse” to occur, John. However, if it does come, it has been a long time in coming.
    There’s a lot of difference between “infantile” and “childlike”.
    You are right, something radically different needs to occur in the meantime, and there are some people who are sincerely trying to incarnate just that!
    There are those who agree that human culture is breaking down on a world-wide scale, but they also see that something “redepmtive”, something life-creative is arising, as they INTENTIONALLY participate in it. I do agree that it’s not likely “life-positive culture will spontaneously emerge from the ruins” of that which is doomed for destruction.
    So, some of us are getting on with the “counter-culture” 🙂


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