Nothing and Everything

“Eastern meditation emphasizes abandonment. Such meditation has total relinquishment as its aim. To the Asian mystics the highest stage of enlightenment is complete self-emptying. For Christians, however, emptying isn’t the end of the story; it’s just the beginning. Jesus emptied himself so he could be filled to overflowing.”

Deep-Rooted in Christ: The Way of Transformation (Joshua Choonmin Kang)


4 thoughts on “Nothing and Everything

  1. This is typical of nontheistic Buddhist and Vedantic meditation, but is exactly the same pattern as many schools of theistic Hinduism that describe emptying being followed by the absolute fullness of the plenum. The pattern also exists in neoplatonic descriptions.


  2. Matthew. Please find a summary description of what the classic Eastern and Western religious and Spiritual cultural scripts are really all about.
    Which is to say that the entire Western cultural script reduces humankind ONLY to the mortal meat-body level of existence. Any kind of “mystical” or esoteric endeavor is strictly verboten.
    Of course the classic Eastern cultural script has many limitations too.


  3. I think you’re engaging in projection John. Your assertions tell me more about yourself than Western culture (the script of which includes: Sufism, Spiritualism, Cartesian Dualism, Pentecostalism, Neoplatonism, and I could go on but won’t). History transcends Adi Da’s perspective of it. You need to transcend the limits of his historically reductionist script.
    Consider: There are only two types of people in the world. Those who believe there are only types of people in the world, and those who don’t.


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