Have we understood “dualism” and “otherness” too narrowly?

“I have been suggesting that the way in which we think dualism is often unnecessarily subject to oppositional, hierarchical patterns. Samkhya has shown us one way in which  dualism – the difference of spirit and matter – need not imply the subordination of one to the other but can denote a dynamic, necessary relationship between two non-reducible partners.” From “Rethinking Dualisms: An Interreligious Approach” by Michelle Voss Roberts

This is related to some of what I was exploring through my “sacred marriage” meditation, that there are vertical (hierachial) and horizontal (non-hierachial) dualisms within Christianity which we’d be wise not to confuse. Michelle Voss Roberts gives us another way of thinking about this. But I’d go further and suggest that even within hierachial dualisms we have a tendancy to get divine “power” upside down.

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