If you have a problem with the Bible being used as a science textbook, that’s okay

The truth is the Bible was never written as a science textbook. Science textbooks did not emerge as a literary genre until science emerged in the seventeenth and eighteen centuries. The books of the bible were all written by the end of the first century. To treat the Bible as a science textbook is anachronistic.

However, to treat the Bible as works of fantasy fiction is equally anachronistic. The letters of Paul were just that, letters, letters of encouragement and correction to communities he was involved with. The gospels, while they unapologetically push a theological interpretation of history, are nevertheless concerned with events in history. Properly they belong within the genre of testimony. Even the book of Revelation, for all its fantastic imagery, is no mere fiction. As a genre, apocalypses used symbolic imagery to talk about religio-political events. Kind of like the way political comics do today.

It is not science, but it is not make believe either.

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