Jesus as Lord of the Zodiac

A fragment of fresco from Svetitskhoveli depicting the Zodiac. 17th century

A 17th-century fresco from the Cathedral of the Living Pillar in Georgia depicting Jesus within the Zodiac circle.

For me this is theology in colour. In this case, a Christ centred approach to astrology in particular and esotericism in general. Jesus, as Messiah, is not merely one power amongst many. But rather, he transcends all powers, above and below.

And he transcends them by exercising a different kind of power. Not the power of the sword, of death. But the power of the cross, of life that yields not to death.

Learning this life, living this life, that is what this symbol invites us to explore.

One thought on “Jesus as Lord of the Zodiac

  1. It this fresco intrigues you, and if you haven’t read it yet, you might be interested in reading “Cosmos and Psyche” by Richard Tarnas. It’s very thought provoking, and I am saying that while in no way being associated with the author or the publisher. I just liked the book. One reviewer, Louise Danielle Palmer wrote; “(Tarnas) ushers us across a deep divide between two worldviews – the ancient and the modern, the spiritual and the scientific – and into an entirely new cosmology.” It’s a long read but a good one about the significance of astrology. Very profound.


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