Are unconscious sins any less sinful?

Is it enough that to say, “My intentions were good”, even if the outcome was not what was anticipated? Or even beyond what could have been anticipated?

Is it fair to be judged by God if I had no idea I was doing wrong, or due to unconscious drives lacked the strength to do right? Am “I” at fault?

What are the implications of answering no? What are the implications of answering yes?

How can Christ, beyond freeing me from guilt, help to free me from my shadow self?

One thought on “Christ and the Unconscious

  1. Good question! I think the ground of my healing began 2000 yrs ago when jesus asked that all of us be forgiven bc it was the truth that we do not know what we are doing. He promised us the holy spirit and he is available in the here and now to each one of us. To be in conscious contact is a reality and guidance has been consistant for me since I got clean and sober. Untill I undertook the discipline I was an addict and under the influence of cunning baffeling powerfully distructive patterns of abuse that lead me to be homicidal, suicidal & inclined to be violent and into criminality. W/out the insight of the holy spirit I might never have forgiven myself, made amends to those I have harmed. It is impossible w/out the lord to do these things! Jesus makes a way where there is no way.


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