Pearly gates universalism

In a funny sort of way I find Christian Universalism just as ideologically coercive as Christian Theocracy. For both deny people the right to say, “I am not a Christian, not even an unconscious one!” They both insist, “You’re part of the Kingdom of God mate, whether you like it or not!” Yet the Kingdom of God, as I understand it, can only be accepted as a gift. A lover who forces himself upon you sounds more like a rapist. True love comes as an invitation.


One thought on “Universalist Heaven

  1. You are correct. True love is always something to which one is invited. One of the distortion of modern Christian practice is that sometimes in the zeal to extend God’s love to others we discount or disregard the freedom that they have to say ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘not right now’. That’s their right. It is a wondrous gift from God and though we may want them to choose as we would choose. The choice is, and must remain theirs and theirs alone. Thanks for the reminder Matt!


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